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Swordfish under water

my Dad took me fishing.  He really loved the water, and the creatures that lived within it. Over time, I started to share that love, and develop my own appreciation for the elegant inhabitants of the deep. The more trips I took with him, the more I was drawn to the fish: their naturally designed beauty: their power and grace; and the role that each of them played in keeping the intricate ecosystem balanced.

Commercial fishing fleets are over-fishing billfish and putting them at risk of becoming endangered. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) currently lists billfish as a "priority species", meaning they are considered "one of the most ecologically, economically and or culturally important species on our planet."

My artwork is a way to celebrate the beauty of these precious fish, and bring attention to their dwindling populations.

I promise to:

  • ENSURE that none of the fiberglass replicas I use are made from captured specimens, so that no animals are harmed in making my artwork

  • DONATE a portion of all sales to organizations that research and promote billfish conservation, in hopes that I can make a difference.

Shark under water

once the top predators of our oceans, have fallen prey to human greed and an increased demand for shark fin soup. Every year, tens of millions of them are hunted at unsustainable levels to meet this demand. The fins are often removed while the sharks we still alive, they are then thrown back in the water to die from suffocation or blood loss.

The role of sharks in maintaining a balanced ecosystem is vital. With a life cycle similar to humans, sharks mature late, live long and reproduce at a very low rate making it harder for them to recover from a rapid decline in numbers. From game fish to crustaceans, the currently diminishing presence of sharks in our waters is having an effect on all other ocean species.

Thankfully there is a growing movement around the world to protect sharks and ban the barbaric practice of shark-finning. It is important that something is done now to stop the decimation of over 300 vital species of sharks before it is too late. Please visit the link below to get involved and learn more about what our governments and organizations such as Ocean are doing to protect sharks.

Bloody cut off shark fin

A simple way to start is just being aware of what you're eating. 'Take Marlin Off The Menu' is an awareness campaign led by the International Game Fish Association and the National Coalition for Marine Conservation. Its goal is to stop the commercial harvest, sale, and importation of marlin, sailfish and spearfish in the United States. To help the cause, major restaurateurs like Wolfgang Puck, and retailers like Wegmans, have already pledged to stop eating and serving these fish.



Also, check out marine biologist end award-winning filmmaker Rick Rosenthal's PBS/Nature documentary "Superfish."  This film is very inspiring tome and certainty captures the essence of these majestic creatures.

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